Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Plants under a Microscope

My portfolio for my practicals in Diversity of life 1 I have to draw prepared angiosperm sections. I have to draw and fully annotate the following: root, shoot, stem, leaf, inflorescence and epidermis. the rest of the portfolio will be doing the same for some gymnosperm tissue sections and then for some algae and lower plant live cultures. the second part will be writing about the plant life cycle using rapid cycling brassicas.

Meanwhile doing the drawings of the Angiosperm sections I took some pictures down the microscope. 

(Above; l.s Inflorescence, 4x/0.10)

 (Above; t.s leaf, 10x/0.22)

(Above; l.s root tip, 4x/0.10)

(Above; l.s tangenial stem, 4x/0.10)

(Above; l.s radial stem, 4x/0.10)

(another stem that I looked at but didn't use for my portfolio.)

...and now to get on with all this drawing...


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