Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crayfish Dissection

One of my first practical’s for my module 'Diversity of Life 2' was to dissect crayfish. This module covers the diversity of the invertebrates. Half of the module is arthropods and the other half is on everything else...

In college I had dissected a fair few of the basic things like pigs hearts, lungs, frogs, rats and even an octopus but nothing to the skill in which I would need for my degree. It was fairly straight forward, and it was very interesting. I learnt that putting it underwater after the initial dissection enabled me to see things more clearly for example its gills. 

I also had to do a two detailed scientific diagrams; one of the external dorsal view of the crayfish and another of the ventral internal anatomy.

A very interesting start to my degree.

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