Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Im going to South Africa!

As if I wasn't excited enough, I had my first Big Game Tracking lecture today. It was just a brief summary of some of the stuff we were going to be covering and other general information.

He told us we needed to learn 5 plant species, 5 bird species and 5 tracks/spores a day whilst we're out there, although I'll obviously need to know a lot of the common ones and some mammals before we go. (He ran through a few today, just to give us a taster). 

We're unbelievably lucky that we get to go to places that we wouldn't normally get to go, for example private parts of the reserves. 

My lecturer also explained in a bit more detail the shooting aspect of what we'll do when we're out there. We have to learn to shoot a rifle and a handgun and be able to know the correct spots to hit them to be able to take an animal down quickly. This is mainly to protect ourselves and others if something if it poses as a threat to you and others around you, you need to be react quickly. 

He also told me about how hunting funds a big part of conservation. Tourism doesn't bring in a lot of money for them, however hunters that come across will pay far more than a tourist would. (although I'm almost certain that you need a licence and a permit). Although I'm not too sure how I fell about that, its one thing to protect yourselves and other around you, but another to do it for fun. But I cant argue that its an easy way for them to fund conservation out there.

On a happier note, I'm also looking forward to seeing some penguins as well as all the normal safari animals! 

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