Friday, 29 May 2015


Campaign Defend Nature

#defendnature is a new campaign by the RSPB. This campaign has come about due to the EU wanting to weaken the  Directives that protect many species in the UK as well as across Europe, that otherwise might not be there. 

Having a good knowledge of both the Habitats Directive, the Bird Directive and the success stories that have come about because of them, I know how important they are for hundreds of species throughout Europe. 

The Natura Network 2000 is made up of protected areas set out by the habitats directive. These sites have been shown to play a big part in the recovery of threatened species.

As well as protecting habitats, these directives protect many species of bird including the Red Kite which is now quite a common site in many parts of the UK because of measures set in place to protect them. 

Many mammals are also protected from otters to water voles as well as bears, lynx and wolves which even though were hunted to extinction in the UK, still live in the wild in other countries in Europe.

Watch the following video to see the beauty of whats at stake:

Do your bit to try and protect the wildlife that doesn't have a voice to protect itself. 

To show your support or if you want to find out any other information on this campaign visit

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