Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I'm going to Borneo!!!

Next month I am going to be jetting off to the wonderful island of Borneo!

This is for my Tropical Field Ecology module. This is one of the modules that I was most looking forward to this year. I'm only there for 2 weeks and the trips split into 2 halves. The first half will be by the coast, looking at coral reefs and the second half will be based inland in the jungle/rain forests.

This trip has crept up on me a little bit, I have had a crazy workload recently and I've realised just how soon I actually leave! Luckily I have most of what I need for the trip, including a new Go pro to play around with!

So now I just have four weeks, four pieces of coursework, one lab book, two tests and two presentations to get out of the way before I leave! And then I'm allowed to get excited ;) !

Oh and so many fish to learn! 

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