Sunday, 9 November 2014

MANUHA: Part Two!

More Giraffes!

You can see how much smaller this juvenile giraffe is here. Again, they were rather close to us, but not nearly as close as before. 

Kudu Dung Games

Below, some of the guys are seeing who can balance a Kudu dropping on their nose for the longest. After they also had a contest for who could spit one the furthest.

My Favourite Antelope: Nyala

There were a herd of Nyala that would always pass through our camp. These are by far my favourite antelopes.  I love their markings and their little puffy tails that tuck between their legs. The males are even more lovely looking but I didn't get a snap of them until Balule...

Animal Behaviour: Giraffe.

I did my individual animal behaviour on an adult, female giraffe. This consists of basically watching a giraffe and writing down what its doing every minute for an hour. Giraffes don't really do much other than browse; eating leaves and just walking around. My giraffe went out of sight and so I then started observing the juvenile giraffe. I then could compare the two giraffes activities and see if they spent a similar amount of time doing each thing (eg. browsing).

Herd behaviour

Another  of our animal behaviour sutdies was 'Herd Behaviour'. We did this on a large herd of  Red Haartebeast. This was similar to the Individual behaviour with the giraffe, however its recordig what the herd was doing every minute. This included recording what percentages of the herd was doing what; running or grazing for example.

After we were done for the day we got a group photo of us in the truck!

... And on to Balule; the dangerous game area...

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