Monday, 28 April 2014

One month to go!!!

 In just 33 days I'll be heading to South Africa and excited doesn't even begin to describe it! Although I'm not going to say that I'm not a little bit nervous; this is the longest I'm going to have been away from the UK. The last time I went away for longer than a few days was when I went to Kenya when I was still college. Kenya was a trip that I'll never forget and I can only imagine how many memories I'll have of this adventure. Remembering Kenya is really getting me pumped for this trip.

I've now only got my exams to go. So as much as I'm stressing about studying and squishing all the vast amounts of information into my brain, I know it will be worth it as I get to leave just over a week after my last exam.

I've got pretty much everything I need, I've just got to sort out a few last things at the doctors, get a map and pick up my International Wildlife Biology polo shirt and some equipment and I'm ready to go!

As I said before I'm very excited about going, although as it gets closer to the time I'm getting a little nervous, not only am I going to be away for a while, but I'm also going to be doing skydiving and a shark cage dive! I'm absolutely ecstatic about the shark diving, and as much as I am about skydiving, I'm a teeny , tiny bit scared! Diving with sharks doesn't phase me at all, however I'm a little nervous about getting to the point when I'm about to jump and being scared, so I'm essentially nervous that I'm going to be nervous? Which makes no sense whatsoever I know, but try telling that to my brain!
As I said before, I'm doing the skydive for charity, I'm almost half way to my target! You can go see what its all about HERE!  

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